It’s great that you’re passionate about getting the story of Jerry’s wrongful conviction out. While a mock trial can be a powerful tool for raising awareness and generating discussion, it’s important to be aware of some potential issues and considerations: Legality: While enacting a fictional scenario is generally legal, be sure to avoid directly portraying …

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Free Jerry

G1NBC Studios has a movie project its working on and the studio needs twelve people to be jurors. The movie is about a double homicide.

12 Jury needed for the Free Jerry Movie

G1NBC STUDIOS looking for 12 people to participate in a mock jury for a movie called Free Jerry, who was convicted of a double homicide on a false confession. In their 1970 ruling, the Supreme Court found the expectation that a jury must consist of 12 members to be an “historical accident.”. Serious criminal cases across …

Let the Evidence Prevail the Jerry Kowalski Case

The Jerry Kowalski case is going to be retried with G1NBC Studios. The Studio will be having its own mock trial, bringing in all of the evidence and let 12 person jury decide. The first case of Jerry Kowalski has been vacated. A new trial has been set. The first case against Jerry Kowalski there …

One's Honesty start filming summer 2022NB

“A high school English teacher, haunted by a family suicide, fights to ignite a passion for learning in students, never expecting that the story of the past could save lives in the present.” link to website


The Covid19 pandemic has once again shut down the annual Saint Patricks’ Day parade from the marvelous Michigan Avenue from downtown to Corktown.  This is a tradition which needs to be honored.   The Thanksgiving Day parade from years past was featured on television as an homage for such a mighty tradition. It is important that …

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